Treasured Teapot Museum

Bygone Beautys Treasured Teapot Museum is home to the world’s largest private collection of teawares, including more than 5,500 teapots from all over the world and spanning five centuries, most of which were collected within Australia.

About the Treasured Teapot Museum

The Treasured Teapot Museum reflects and preserves the diversity of Australian tea-drinking culture. Following the major extensions and renovations, completed in August 2015, the new museum space showcases the large collection and has allowed for many more of the teapots to be on display to the public.

Everywhere you look you will see an array of teapots: from the old to the new, elegant to outrageous, miniature to large, from Australia, America, Asia, Africa and Europe. The collection includes rare, unusual and collectable teapots as well as iconic designs from various eras and made from different materials including china, silver, silver plate, pottery, fine porcelain, cast iron, bakelite, decoupage and textiles.

Museum Admission of $5.50 per person is redeemed with an equivalent purchase in the tearooms or retail area.

Teapot of the Week

Each week a different treasured teapot from the collection is featured. The teapots are often selected for their rarity, collectability, unique qualities or interesting history. Read about the teapots while relaxing in the Tearooms and see it on display near the front counter. 

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