Basilur Ceylon fruits & flowers - Strawberries &cream and Ruhunu (Loose Leaf)

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Two teas for the Price of one.

Strawberries and cream: Combines natural strawberry and papaya fruits and rosehip with sweet and luscious flavour of strawberry and cream together with bright Ceylon black tea. Unforgettable treat.

Ruhunu: Is a rich caramel flavour with the characteristics of long wiry leaves of tea made by the island's purest river waters.

Ingredients: Top part is 100% Pure Ceylon black leaf tea, natural papaya, strawberry and rosehip shell, natural rose petals and safflower, and flavours of strawberry and cream.
Bottom part is 100% Pure Ceylon black leaf tea.

100% Pure leaf tea in tin caddy

Dimentions: 25 cm x 9 cm x 6 cm