Basilur Two Layer - Citrus Tea / Green Tea (Loose Leaf)

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Product Overview

This unique collection consists of two parts of exclusively blended teas in metal caddies. The top part contains a composition of Ceylon tea with colourful petals and slices of fruits. The bottom contains natural Ceylon tea without additives.

Loose leaf tea packed in flavour-sealed foil pouches with zipper in 2 tin caddies – top layer 50g net and bottom layer 75g net gives you the opportunity to mix them as you wish.

Ingredients: Citrus Tea: 100% Pure Ceylon green leaf tea, natural pineapple and papaya, natural marigold and rose petals, and flavour lemon. Green Tea: 100% Pure Ceylon green leaf tea, no additives.

Dimensions: 21cm high x 9cm wide x 7cm deep.