Bag Ladies Tea - Happy Birthday (Tea Bags)

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Bag Ladies Tea     code: 150637     weight: 0.176Kg

Product Overview

"Let’s face it ladies, there are days when the same old tea bag just won’t do. Enter Bag Ladies. After much soulful sipping, we have come to discover that our tea bag is best served up hot, with a dash of humour and a little light-hearted sisterhood.
Each of our themed tins contains 25 bags of quality tea tagged with insightful and humorous quotes to help us “steep” through life’s everyday dilemmas and delights.
So no matter what your day’s got brewing, get off the pot and into the “bag” ladies! And remember, when life boils your kettle - make tea!"

25 tea bags (56g total).

Ingredients: Pure Ceylon English Breakfast black tea, 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives.

Dimensions: 16cm high x 7.5cm wide x 7.5cm deep.